Sand Creek Custom Wear

Our embroidery group is state of the art, with multi-head computerized machines that can handle up to 15 thread colors. You can think of an embroidery machine as a printer that uses thread instead of ink. Designs can come alive just by changing thread colors. Our embroidery machines read an electronic file containing your design and stitch it on your item. As you can imagine, embroidery machines cannot just read any computer file. Logos must be “digitized” or converted into an electronic format which the machines can read. This process is done through software and an artist re-creating the artwork to represent the original artwork. There is generally a setup charge associated with this process, but it is usually a minimal one time cost. 

​Embroidery Art Requirements: 

Embroidery has a variety of file types that can be used, but we prefer .jpg. Ask our designer if your design file is appropriate. Otherwise, we will take the appropriate next steps in preparing your design file for embroidery.

Embroidery Minimums: 

No minimums! Embroidery offers the most flexibility in decorating methods. Once your logo is setup, we can embroider one item or hundreds!

​Embroidery Pricing: 

​Pricing is based upon the number of stitches in the design (stitch count), the number of places on the item to be embroidered and the total number of items. Because of this we quote each job individually. However, we can handle orders of any size and there are no minimums! Setup charges to “digitize” your art file depend on the stitch count. A typical logo for a chest location can range from 3,000 to 10,000 stitches,
and incur a ONE TIME setup fee of $25-$50.